The little book of Man Utd

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ISBN: 0-23399-995-7
Автор: Barnes J.
Артикул: 20361
Год: 2001
Издательство: Manchester United Plc

"The Little Book of Man Utd" is a neat collection of words of wit and wisdom by and about Manchester United's players, managers and officials past and present. From Alan Hansen's falsely prophetic "You'll never win anything with kids" to Eric Cantona's existentialist aphorism on the theme of seagulls, sardines and trawlers, the book will contain over 180 Red Devilish football quotes. Each quotation will be dated and attributed to its source and, where appropriate, entries will be accompanied by explanatory asides and/or supporting statistics. The sayings will appear in no particular order, but where connections and themes emerge, these will be taken into account.

ISBN 0-23399-995-7
Автор Barnes J.
Артикул 20361
Год 2001
Издательство Manchester United Plc
Количество страниц 90
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Язык английский
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