Football yearsbook 2004-2005

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ISBN: 0-563-52135-X
Автор: Pratt T.
Артикул: 20138
Год: 2004
Издательство: BBC

The "BBC Football Yearbook 2004/2005" is the most comprehensive football stats book on the market. It is packed full of facts, pictures and charts to give you a wealth of information on all four English leagues, every professional Scottish league, Italy's Serie A, La Liga in Spain and the German Bundesliga plus all the league and player information from France, Holland and Portugal. The guide also gives a full breakdown of the Champions League and the UEFA Cup. This book covers all areas of the game, from a breakdown of the key players in each featured team, to a full round-up of each and every league, and includes over 750 pictures of individual players. Fully endorsed by BBC football guru John Motson, this yearbook is the only guide you'll ever need to the coming season.

ISBN 0-563-52135-X
Автор Pratt T.
Артикул 20138
Год 2004
Издательство BBC
Количество страниц 512
Переплет мягкий
Язык английский
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